One of the frequent causes of erection problems is insufficient blood flow to the genitals. For example, the vessels are clogged with elevated cholesterol, and the blood vessels need to be stretched to increase the flow of blood. And this task is exactly what Tadaforce is doing.

Tadaforce - how to enjoy it right?

With Tadaforce it’s fine if you just take it one hour before sex. Its main advantage over competing preparations is that the effects of Tadaforce last 36 to 72 hours. Therefore, it is not necessary and it is not recommended to take the medicine every day. The minimum amount of time that must elapse between two doses is 24 hours.

Fatty foods and alcohol consumption should be avoided before using Tadaforce. Inappropriate diet may weaken or completely eliminate the effects of Tadaforce, while alcohol combined with drug use may reduce blood pressure too much.

Tadaforce - Side Effects

Before you decide to buy Tadaforce, visit your GP. After consulting, you can find out if you can take the medicine. If you can’t, see other medicines for erectile dysfunction that are based on other active ingredients.

Tadaforce may complicate health, particularly for those who regularly take medication, for example, to treat high or low pressure. In such cases, consultation with the doctor and detailed study of the package leaflet is a necessity.

Common side effects of Tadaforce include, for example, dry eye syndrome, headache or congested nose. If you have a similar problem, consider to stop using Tadaforce and try to take other medicines - Sildenafil and Vardenafil. Although they have similar side effects, other active substance could behave differently in the body. In any case, discuss this with your GP.